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Chris & Matt 2018

"Matt Connor came over on February 17th, and we spent 6 hours on Saturday hanging out and getting into the new songs ! He's an excellent producer/ musician and extremely enthusiastic and handy ! We should be up and running in a month or so, when his studio is completed. He loves the new songs which is a bloody good start !"

Listen to Matt's music on his SOUNDCLOUD channel. His handle is J4y-Dee. Matt has an amazing range of styles: Jazz, Blues, Folk, World, EDM, Alternative, Prog, and even some Classical. Great stuff!

April 8th 2018: Matt's studio.. early days ! 
We've postponed things for a few weeks while he builds it ... and I deal with a sturgeon !

APRIL 21ST 2018: Update on the studio...
Matt reckons he'll have it finished at the end of April... we'll be recording in May !

August 14th 2018: Update

Matt and I have two tracks going right now..Setting Suns and Tricky..I'm really impressed with him as a producer...he's loving it as much as I am ! Plenty more to do but we're accelerating now as we get to know each other..all will be revealed in the shape of an EP or full album..very exciting stuff! 

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