Mike Vernon

During 1983, Chris, Andy and producer Mike Vernon wrote a collection of songs together, intended for release by other artists. Some of the music written that summer was used in the Italian film Il Lupo di Mare. Many of these songs have since been recorded and released by Andy on the album Songs For Publishing.
  • Call Me (Bradford, Vernon, Scott)
  • Big Plans (Bradford, Vernon, Scott)
  • Laughing Years (Bradford, Vernon, Scott)
  • Don't You Go Giving Yourself Away (Bradford, Vernon)
  • Stormproof (Bradford, Vernon)
  • Get Lost! (Bradford, Vernon, Scott)
All tracks recorded at Mike Vernon's studio in Walton on Thames.

Vocals: Chris Bradford / Guitars: Andy Scott / Production and backing vocals: Mike Vernon. Also Mark Hankins: guitars, keyboards and backing vocals on "Don't You Go Giving Yourself Away" and guitars and backing vocals on 'Stormproof'.

These songs and more can be heard here on the album "Mike Vernon Sessions (featuring Andy Scott) ", and downloaded on Bandcamp.