The Bloody Rajahs

This was Chris's post-Heroes project, involving Heroes band mates Mark Hankins and Pete Lennon. The band recorded two brilliant, bombastic tracks with at once jubilant and scathing, ironic lyrics that suck you in and share guilty secrets. Music that invites you to laugh and cry. They even produced a video for the song 'Bloody Rajahs' which was shot at Hamper Mill, Herts, UK and directed by Norman Goodman (Engineer for Moody Blues, Pip Williams )

The stand in drummer in the video is none other than Palomino and Squaw bandmate Henry Morris complete with scary hi-tech shades.

The video princess is played by the lovely Charmaine.


* Drums were played by a brilliant session musician introduced by Adam

Engineers Brian and Chris G.

The Rajahs recorded a double A-side single at Phonogram Studios Marble Arch:

"Bloody Rajahs" and "Bombay Boys".

These songs are now available on BANDCAMP as part of an album called "Bloody Rajahs" which can be listened to here.

The BANDCAMP album also includes "Stormproof" by Chris Bradford and Mike Vernon, and also Chris Bradford's songs "Cry Away" and "Colour My Hair" both recorded at Phonogram Studios, London in the early eighties.

The album also contains live versions of those same songs. Same tasty rocked-out flavour - but even more rocking. . . .

Here is the video for the track 'Bloody Rajahs', directed by Norman Goodman.

A Youtube video for "Bombay Boys"

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