Some rehearsal room shots in 1978 . . .

Bardot - The Roundhouse rehearsal rooms, Chalk Farm, London, 1978, photos by Dick Barnatt.

The Roundhouse rehearsal rooms, Chalk Farm, London - 1978

Ray McRiner, Laurie Andrew, Chris Bradford.

Rare Bardot pictures - The Roundhouse rehearsal rooms, Chalk Farm, London, 1978, taken by Dick Barnatt, a respected Rock'n'Roll photographer ( Sweet, Barclay James Harvest and dozens more) when we got a drummer and bass player involved after the Bonnie Tyler tour. The drummer was Steve Murray and the bass player Jeff Taylor.. both friends of Ray's. They were on a retainer for about 6 weeks of raw Bardot.

Walking by The Thames

I received these three Bardot pics from Colin Forsey (Laurie's brother and our promo guy at Handle).

He lives in Arizona !

At The RCA Factory

This guitar shot was when we played to the salesgirls at the RCA factory in Birmingham,signed hundreds of albums and traveled up there in a stretch Mercedes limo.

On the journey Witchfire came on Radio One !

Waiting To Be Summoned

This Sofa shot is us relaxing, out of our heads and watching something dodgy probably !

And waiting to be summoned into the studio by PIP !

Industry publicity for Witchfire.

RCA biography of Bardot in Music Week.

Music Week 1978

Another portrait of the lads..

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