Demos From Mars

Here are some demo recordings, recorded with Pete Lennon at his studio in the Turbine House at Hamper Mill in the early eighties:-

  • Bite Your Tongue
  • Green room
  • Just Like An Italian
  • Mammoths In July
  • Girls School (Bradford, Lennon)
  • The Lords Insane
  • Am I Not Beautiful
  • Down On The Diverse

All written by Chris Bradford apart from Girls School (Bradford, Lennon), these are quirky, fun and rather beautiful. Heroes were involved in the recordings although personnel varied: always Chris on vocals and guitar and Pete Lennon on lead guitar, sometimes the odd Hero, and the occasional passerby.

Jill and Anita,

Sophie and Rita,

Suzie and Nina,

Anne and Bettina, yeh, yeh, yeh.

They're running for the Girls School. . .

Jenny and Sarah,

Katie and Clara,

Chrissie and Terry,

Sally and Jerry, yeh, yeh, yeh.

They're running for the Girls School . . .

Girls School.

(Chris Bradford, Pete Lennon)

Please remember these may be only demos, but they still have teeth - so there are a couple of comments from the composer about the songs, in case you were wondering.

Just Like An Italian

" . . . now then, I loved the Italian people. Kind and loving to me. Hated the Carabos though: one night in Piazza Santa Maria ( close to Folk Studio ) I was having a quiet sambuca having just met James Mason (the actor) and his girl, when I was approached at my table by a friendly chap who asked if I could get him some hashish, well I knew a few people and arranged to meet him the following night ! The next time I see him he's in full poncy regalia and I'm bustled into van and off to Regina Coeli , busted again, nine days in a cell sharing with an Italian deserter who wanted my crushed velvet jeans !! So I love Italy but still hate the Carabinieri. I was released with my American pals ( Lucky Strike ciggies they shared with me !) because of a Lawyer's strike. Well, off I went to Nice, deported again !! I love this song and wouldn't mind this true tale to go with it - wouldn't want anyone to think I was bitter about a lovely country. . . "

Mammoths In July

" . . simple story of a music critic who gave me some stick and then changed his mind, little runt he was. I wrote this pretty / biting song for him. . . "

Down On The Diverse

"Diverse is about going to bad places and getting involved in scenes you really shouldn't. Something I could never resist when young and brave. Mama said don't go down on the Diverse!! Black lacquer needle gun, Pink pill, swallow one, the power that eluded you, sends shivers up your spine! Shivers! La La and the Monkeys…"

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