Heroes Polydor portrait.

L to R: Chris Bradford, Pete Lennon, Brian (Wally) Wallis, Mark Hankins, Dave Powell

HEROES Mark and Wally with their sons Eliot and Daniel at Chipping Norton during Border Raiders Album recording.

Young Heroes Eliot and Daniel checkin' out the playback!

Heroes marketing by Polydor Records.

Polydor marketing
Polydor marketing

Heroes in the garden at Chipping Norton Studio during a break recording Border Raiders album. Henry Morris is there as Ligger and friend of the band !!

One of the guys went into the village and came back with a water pistol !!

Well, off we trotted and came back fully armed, mayhem ensued and dear Dave the drummer seemed to be the main target

German concert tour poster from 1980.

German tour

German concert tour itinerary from 1980.

German tour 1980

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