"In 1977 Pip was recording some of Status Quo's album "Rockin All Over the World" at The Marquee Studios, Wardour St, London. He had invited me down to hang out with the guys and have a bit of fun !

Bardot had recorded part of their album at the Marquee, so I knew my way around the control room and of course Pip and John Eden the engineer. It was late into the night - Me , Rick (Parfitt), Francis (Rossi). Pip and John (he'd just had a pot of tea served to him with his own socks in it !! ) we ran out of skins! Well, I had a lump of hash the size of your fist so we just set fire to it and inhaled ~ great guitar sounds on that record ! ( the same thing had happened when I was with Paul Kossof and Mike Kelly, drummer Spooky Tooth during their rehearsals for a short lived band experiment in the 70s )

Rick occasionally mentioned he was just off for a polish. It didn't dawn on me til later what he was on about! Quo Speak. Lovely blokes - seriously fun loving guys..."

. . And Brian Wilson

"I met them again backstage at a Paul Young concert. I was with Andy and we were having a drink with Quo and Alyson Moyet when the party went suddenly quiet! Brian Wilson had arrived and gently settled himself at a corner table with a minder!! Charm itself he was..

Andy steamed in as usual to introduce himself (not shy and retiring my dear friend) and I was just happy to be in the presence of the guy - the Beach Boy and creator of Pet Sounds, an album I cherish to this day. Heady company ! All I could manage to say was "Hi Brian, Loveya Man..". He SMILED and I nearly fainted !!"

"Around about this time I introduced Pip to the wonderful art of flyfishing - taught him to cast and that was it, a life long hobby for a beautiful friend, and the birth of The Rock n Roll Flyfishers !!"

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