"When Mark and I parted company, Palomino busted, and me in and out of Rome, he got right back in the saddle and formed Randy with Brian Wallis..bass player with Palomino.

A great Country Rock band.. I was envious for a while til I got myself together. . wrote a bunch of stuff and got Bardot together!

Eventually Mark and I reunited again with the fine band - Heroes!

Me and Hankins have been a good team and old friends for many years now, a wonderful guitar man.. the real thing ! "


The line-up:-

    • Mark Hankins - guitars, vocals

    • George Lloyd - guitars, vocals

    • Wally Wallis -bass, vocals

  • Neil Coleman - drums, percussion

  • Jonathan Glempser - pedal steel guitar

Mark & Brian in the studio..

Brian "Wally" Wallis - bass.


More recent photo of George Lloyd.

Mark Hankins: " . . .the only fan mail I recall Randy ever getting. Johnny Cash eat your heart out. . . ."

Randy (left to right) Neil, George, Mark, Jonathan, Wally

Wally at the mic.

Mark & Neil at the Speakeasy

George Lloyd and Mark Hankins on the Ruskin House Folk & Blues website

Mark Hankins sometimes plays caveman rock and roll with a few others at the local pub, just to keep the old larynx and fingers working!

June 2020: Mark sometimes plays "some caveman rock and roll with a few others at the local pub, just to keep the old larynx and fingers working!"

Randy were a hard working live band and during 1974-1975 played numerous prestigious venues in and around London including The Marquee, Ronnie Scott's and The Roundhouse.

Lady Luck

Their 1975 debut album was "Lady Luck"

Recorded at Chipping Norton studios it featured the following addition personnel -

o Pete Willsher - Pedal steel guitar

o Pete Stanley - banjo

o Pete Wingfield - piano

A pretty balanced in-depth online review of "Lady Luck" is available on the Red Telephone Website: Randy- Lady Luck Review

This great album is clearly full-on country rock, but interestingly is categorized on DISCOGS as Prog Rock ( perhaps due to the inclusion of Chris Bradford's Crazy Love ". . . we are taken to outer space land underwater . . . . then they stream out onto their little bit of psyche . . . . . " )

06 Crazy Love.mp3

Randy ~ Crazy Love (Chris Bradford)

Nantucket was the band Brian Wallis and Mark formed when Randy folded. . the other guitar man is Alan Denning. . the drummer is Dave Powell. . my first sight of Dave when I went to a Nans gig in Devon. . He, Mark and Wally joined me later in London to form the Heroes !

The guy playing slide, far left, is Fred Davies. This was about '76 (before I recruited Mark, Wally and Dave for the Heroes in London). I was doing the Bardot thing at the time . . .

Red Transit Man is George Lloyd. . Exposing himself nicely on a Randy tour of Switzerland !

. . .early days Randy. . George. . Wally. . Bluey Cresswell and Mark. Bluey was our drummer in Palomino...

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