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New album: Winterface

Released May 22nd, 2022

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New album: Beachcomber

Released October 28th, 2020

New single: Caravan Breeze

New single released October 21st, 2020 from forthcoming album "Beachcomber".

Christopher Days

Provisional release date for Christopher Days: September 9th 2019.

A few remixes and level checks and . . . off we go.

Christopher Days Original cover image

Check out the Christopher Days Lyrics

August 2019

'my solo Album " Christopher Days " is finished.

. . . should be unleashed early September !'

May 2019

"At the start of the year (2019) I was contacted by a German author who wanted to do an interview with me. It was about the making and writing of my Heroes album " Border Raiders " He was featuring it in his book " Rare and Precious Jewels of the 80s".

Quite in depth and quite flattering ! It brought back happy memories of Chipping Norton and the guys. The book will be available at the end of the year.

I'm still on my songwriting "Magic Carpet Ride" Since the glorious disaster of my last producers meltdown, I've been recording with my friend Lucas in a tiny village outside of Glastonbury.

Much better vibes. . but quite slow . . Somerset time !

Meanwhile Pip's recuperating after his operation and a few months down the line he'll be getting involved. It would be so appropriate for him to produce some of the new stuff and add a bit of magic!

Oh, and I had a great Birthday last week (May, above pic), Liverpool are flying and all is well."

"Coconut and Rum" lyrics (May 2019)

February 2018:-

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Late August 2015 - a couple of days ago. . a favourite coffee bar in Taunton.

I'm about to embark on my first internet assisted co writing project with a dear friend in Pennsylvania ! Should be fun . . she is brilliant and will make my ideas richer. . I'll name names when we've got it going !

Also - getting the right players for my Belladonna Marinade recording sessions. . it used to be so easy. . a phone call away. . some Heroes will appear. . and some new folk I've met whilst here in the wonderful West Country of England. . more on this as soon as I can!

August 2015 and I'm in my studio, still working on Belladonna Marinade . . which has turned into 8 or sometimes 9 minutes of joy! I'm just lacking a stack of lyrics for this and 4 other songs I've got on the go. Time to set to with that!

I'm in touch with a load of old mates and acquaintances, many of whom pop up in these eclectic chronicles. . Mars Bardot.

The family is busy. . Hunter getting plenty of extra work (Wolf Hall 'Broadchurch' and a couple of Hollywood movies ! ) Lizzie writing her stuff. . All good and creative. . . now then, where's my pencil and reporter pad !!

Apart from a massive archive excavation and current songwriting projects, it is rumored that the followup recordings to Border Raiders, entitled Reasons For Reverse are being actively hunted at this time. The music exists, and rocks - the songs have been released on Bandcamp, but the final studio tapes are still MIA… where?

There have been unconfirmed sightings, but no shots fired as yet.

So the writer continues and the song isn't over yet. . .

So far the archive has offered up the following albums (all available on Bandcamp - -> Chris Bradford) -

      • Mars, Mayfair and Beyond

      • Mike Vernon Sessions (featuring Andy Scott)

      • Overloaded

      • Queen Zomba's Daughters

      • Reasons For Reverse

      • Diamonds From the Turbine House

      • Mars at Sunrise

      • Wondertime

      • Bloody Rajahs

      • Palomino

Chris with his Gretsch Steven Stills White Falcon. . . .

New Andy Scott Collaborations?

Chris is working on a bunch of new songs, including..

  • Belladonna Marinade

  • Sailing with Strangers

  • Hard Nobby Long

He's hoping to enlist old friend Andy Scott's help with production and writing in between Andy's Sweet tours on some of these songs.

"My English teacher was some good to me,

I learned the art of précis, no one can précis like me.There is no love in this biography, it's sort of Science Fiction, bad girls and men of action . . ."

from 'The Green Room' - Chris Bradford

Chris Bradford..

" I got a call last night. It was midnight here and 8am Seattle time, where the call came from. It was a friend who told me he'd read on some forum or other that I'd retired!

Great.. This is not the case.. I'm just firing up!!

After the Wondertime Sessions with Pip in the 90s, I got out of town, didn't burn any bridges but got out! Me and my girl! Fab thatched cottage in the country, the usual thing "retired" rockers do.

I've raised a child, been a great husband to a wonderful person and have written and played everyday.. I have a big back catalogue, it's time to catch up now and we'll see what we will see".


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