Kiki Dee

" In 1981 I got a call from my Publishing lady at Handle. . Kiki Dee was going to cover my song "Wild Eyes" on her new album " Perfect Timing". Even better, my mate Pip Williams was producing and I got to sing backing vocals on my own song!

So I rock up to RAK studios and meet the lovely Kiki. . well, she charmed the pants off me and the whole vibe was wonderful. . I knew most of the guys playing. . Gary Twigg, Bob Jenkins and of course her old friend, Bias Boshell (he wrote her hit I've Got The Music In Me)

After my vocal I obviously stuck around and Kiki and I became friends. . when I heard her sing Wild Eyes for the first time . . I was bloody excited (that's the night I fell out of RAK and broke my foot !!)

It got even better. . Elton John turned up and sang a duet with Kiki. . "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever". I always liked working at RAK, but that Perfect Timing few weeks was magical.

My friend, Kit Hain wrote the Title track and we collaborated on a song, "Diamond Lady" which Kiki recorded on her follow up album. . (recorded at Chipping Norton, another blast!). .

She is moving in different, wonderful musical directions right now. . . I was proud to play a part on that great album. . . with top musicians.

I wish her good luck with her new projects,

She's a legend and an extremely lovely person. ."

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri - Sidesteppin' (With A Soulman)

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